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Let’s Talk Pollinators!!!

Spring is close and everything will be turning green. Plants will showing their Spring finery for us all to enjoy. While we love to see the beautiful colors and taste the sweet fruits that spring and summer have to offer, we must not forget how those things happen. POLLINATORS!! That’s right, but who are … Continue reading Let’s Talk Pollinators!!!

Termite vs Ant Swarmmers

Hopefully within the next few weeks we will be seeing warmer temperatures around the Hampton Roads area. As the weather warms, termite swarmmers will begin to emerge. They are typically found in door jambs, baseboard areas and window sills. If you notice swarnmers, it is important to do/know a couple things to ensure an accurate … Continue reading Termite vs Ant Swarmmers

Holiday Travel & Bed Bugs!

WELCOME TO 2015!!! We hope everyone had a truly wonderful holiday season! This is a long read but chalked with useful information, especially if you travel frequently. With all the holiday traveling, we felt it appropriate to impart some bed bug information. This information was retrieved from, it is one of the best sites … Continue reading Holiday Travel & Bed Bugs!


Most people have a dire fear of spiders whether poisonous or not. Spiders are able to live in almost any climate and are not constricted to one kind of habitat. Spiders can live anywhere they can find food like fields, woods, swamps, caves and deserts. To help reduce the potential for spider inhabiting your home … Continue reading SPIDERS!!!


In the past five years we have seen major increases in the number of rats infesting our homes. More than ever, we get calls from people thinking they have mice, only to find they are in fact rats. With the increased number of man-made lakes, gullies, construction of commercial buildings, and new subdivisions; combined with … Continue reading RATS!!!

Fungus & Health Issues

Do any of these conditions apply to your home? • Wet Insulation • Musty Odors • Dripping water/condensation • Buckling Floors • Peeling floors • Wood Rot • Increased Pest Activity • Allergy Complaints Studies have shown that 1/3 to ½ of the air in the main living area comes from the crawlspace of your … Continue reading Fungus & Health Issues