About ABC Pest Management of Hampton Roads

abc pest control

ABC Pest Management, LLC is a multi-faceted company providing termite, pest and moisture control services to both commercial and residential clients. Our team is highly trained and relies heavily on an Integrated Pest Management approach to pest control.

Our team vision for ABC is a cooperative effort between homeowner and pest management professional (PMP). While our PMP’s may not always be able to do exactly what you want (due to label constraints or Virginia Department of Agriculture Consumer Services Division (VDACs) restrictions) they ALWAYS have your best interests in mind when servicing your home. From me, as the president, to our newest hire, every employee of ABC is accessible to each of you, our clients.

We offer a complete line of “green” and organic treatment methods for our clients concerned with injecting additional chemicals into the environment. We evaluate every property from a complete 360° process; identifying sources of moisture and harborage that make our clients properties inviting to insect and rodent infestations.

Thirty-one years ago when I first entered the pest control industry, I was very fortunate to work for someone who spent a considerable amount of time sharing the knowledge he possessed. Although practices have moved from a “kill everything in sight” mentality to one of eliminating sources of harborage, water and food sources to minimize the amount of chemicals introduced to the environment, the knowledge and training has always been useful.

I feel blessed to have joined together the diverse talents of my staff, who are always willing to take the extra steps to satisfy our clients. Everyone is empowered to solve client problems at the lowest level possible. There is no need for our clients to wait when their assigned PMP is capable of making decisions to solve existing problems. While not every PMP is knowledgeable in every aspect of the services we provide, the resources for the PMP to explore and gain new knowledge is available.

Our team is always willing to provide our clients with reference information based on current training and research methodologies. We appreciate each and every client and endeavor to provide the best possible client care service available. If at any time our staff fails to measure up please contact me directly at the office or on my cell to discuss the situation.