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About ABC Pest Management of Virginia Beach, VA

About ABC Pest Management.

ABC Pest Management, LLC is a multi-faceted company located in Virginia Beach, VA, providing termite, pest and moisture control services to both commercial and residential clients in the local Hampton Roads area. Our team is highly trained and relies heavily on an Integrated Pest Management approach to pest control.

Our team vision for ABC is a cooperative effort between homeowner and pest management professional (PMP). Our PMP’s comply with Virginia Department of Agriculture Consumer Services Division (VDACs) regulations, and they always have your best interests in mind when servicing your home.

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Environmentally conscious

We offer a complete line of “green” and organic treatment methods for our clients concerned with injecting additional chemicals into the environment.

Our inspections entail a complete 360° process. Our focus is identifying sources of moisture and harborage that make our clients properties inviting to insect and rodent infestations.