Do any of these conditions apply to your home?

• Wet Insulation
• Musty Odors
• Dripping water/condensation
• Buckling Floors
• Peeling floors
• Wood Rot
• Increased Pest Activity
• Allergy Complaints

Studies have shown that 1/3 to ½ of the air in the main living area comes from the crawlspace of your home. In summer, when the outside temperature is at 70° with 60% RH the warmer exterior air mixes with the cooler air of the crawl space causing an increase in RH up to 82% in the crawl space.

Wood moisture contents in excess of 28% during the summer months and 18% during non peak air conditioner use times constitute a moisture problem. This indicates that conditions are right for increased fungus growth. Fungus spores float on the air and can get into your living spaces through the floors of your home. This can cause increased allergy and asthma problems for your family. You may also experience musty smells in dark closets or unoccupied rooms. Additionally, fungus is considered a wood destroying organism because the fungus feeds on the cellulose (sugars) in the wood decreasing the integrity of the wood member.

If you are experiencing any of the above conditions call ABC for a free evaluation of your homes unique situation!

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