Crawl Space Insulation Services in Hampton Roads, VA

Crawl space insulation is part of the overall system in your home that assures proper and healthy air exchange. Temperature of the crawl space affects heating and cooling costs, making it crucial to assure that your insulation is maintained in a way that achieves maximum efficiency.

At ABC Pest Management, our Clean Air Crawl Space System involves sealing homes crawl space and installing a dehumidification system. Results of the dehumidification system have been cleaner air getting into the home through the floors which has helped with allergy problems and musty smells in closet areas.

Looking for a professional to investigate and report on the status of your crawl space? Contact us online or give us a call at (757) 422-0409 to schedule a complimentary inspection.

Why Does It Matter If The Crawl Space Is Insulated Properly?

If the crawl space insulation is not sufficient, it can allow for a situation where moisture damage can occur and set the stage to attract pests. Most people will tend to not think about things that are out of sight, and the crawl space is just not an area that most homeowners frequent. Therefore, inattention to this crucial area can cause the crawl space to be a weak point in your home. Unwanted pests and excessive humidity set the stage for moisture damage to occur.

If your home’s crawl space insulation is lacking, temperature may fluctuate from room to room, and season to season. If you notice this type of temperature fluctuation in your home, it could be that your crawl space insulation is not installed properly, not consistent, or there is just not enough insulation overall throughout the home and crawl space.

Pests & Moisture Can Damage Your Crawl Space Insulation

Unwanted pests and excessive moisture are the reasons the insulation in our homes get damaged. The crawl space is where a lot of this damage begins. Therefore, it is good preventative measure to have your crawl space routinely inspected to assure all is well. If you have not looked at your crawl space lately, ABC Pest Management can help.

Schedule A Complimentary Inspection!

During a crawl space inspection from ABC Pest Management, we take a good look at your crawl space with a trained eye and report our findings to you. During this investigation, we check for signs of any past or current pest activity, and we check for any areas that need to be secured. We also check for signs of termites, moisture damage, rot, or fungus.

When you choose us ABC Pest Management for a professional crawl space inspection, you are in the hands of our pest industry experts who will take care of your home like it was our own.