Spring is close and everything will be turning green. Plants will begin showing their Spring finery for us all to enjoy. While we love to see the beautiful colors and taste the sweet fruits that spring and summer have to offer, we must not forget how those things happen. POLLINATORS!! That’s right, but who are the pollinators?

When we speak of pollinators, most people think of honey bees. Yes, honey bees are pollinators. However, honey bees are not the only pollinators native to Virginia. Hummingbirds, butterflies, certain species of moth and carpenter bees are also native pollinators. while some of these pollinators can be a nuisance, pleas keep in mind they are beneficial to the growth of our plants. Honey bees, in fact, are protected and cannot be exterminated, they must be removed by a beekeeper so as not to injure the hive.

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