Moisture Control Services in Hampton Roads, VA

Moisture control is the most serious threat to your home’s structural integrity. Fungus, wood rot, and termites are all attracted to moisture because they need it to live. At ABC Pest Management, we offer professional moisture control services to minimize the risk to your home of moisture damage, termites, or other pests.

Our moisture control solutions are customized to your home. We offer services for the following:

Clean Air Crawl Space Finished

Let us seal your home’s crawl space, and make the air your breathe cleaner.

Dehumidifier Systems Installation

A dehumidifier system is designed to help control the humidity in your home.

AKWADRAIN System Installation

Get rid of standing water in your yard, and keep it out of your crawl space.

French Drain System

French drains are great solutions to help to route water away from the foundation of your home.

Wood Destroying Fungus

Fungus can grow with higher humidity, and we all know it can get humid here in Hampton Roads.

Professional Sump Pump Installer

Sump pumps are great at moving large volumes of water out of an area, like your crawl space.

Expert Vapor Barrier Installation

Installing a vapor barrier is the right approach to combat high moisture levels under your home.

Professional GutterStuff Installation

Keep your gutters clean with GutterStuff, an affordable and out-of-sight from the ground gutter filter.