Moisture Control Services in Hampton Roads, VA

Our moisture control solutions are as diverse as the homes in Hampton Roads. We offer programs for the following: Hampton Roads rainfall and humidity levels help to cause a host of moisture related problems. Our moisture control solutions can help make your home less susceptible to moisture problems and help reduce environmental allergens that may affect your family’s health and well-being.

Leaf-Defier® gutter insert designed to channel water through your gutters which eliminates water sources and harborage areas for roaches, occasional invader insects and rodents.

AKWADRAIN® – Does your yard continually have standing water? Have you been told there is standing water in your homes crawl space? AKWADRAIN’s® strip drain system may be just what you need. AKWADRAIN continually channels water away from the foundation of your home and helps keep your yard less mucky.

Clean Air Crawls Space Systems – Our clean air crawl space system involves sealing homes crawl space and installing a dehumidification system. Results of the dehumidification system have been cleaner air getting into the home through the floors which has helped with allergy problems and musty smells in closet areas.