Professional Dehumidifier Systems

Your home could really benefit from a professional dehumidifier system, especially here in the Hampton Roads area. The commonly moist and humid climate can cause elevated moisture levels in your home. A high moisture level, above about 70% can cause fungus to grow, and that is a level that is commonly seen in our local area.

The problem with controlling the temperature and humidity in the crawl space is that the air that is under the house is moist and hot. When this air rises up into the living areas of your home, it meets air that is, typically, cooler and less moist. This interaction causes a condensation effect.

A dehumidifier system helps to control the humidity of the air under your home, and this can decrease the chance for moisture damage to occur. In addition, a sealed crawlspace, in combination with a dehumidifier system will help save money on heating and cooling costs in the long run.

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