Professional Fungus Treatments

Since fungus can be a result of improper airflow and exchange, or excessive moisture, each home is best assessed individually, to best protect your property and family.

There are fungi that will decay the wood that supports your home, and certain type of fungus that grow on wood do not cause wood rot. Therefore, it is highly suggested that every home is routinely inspected by a professional, like ABC Pest Management technicians, who can properly identify the situation of your crawlspace.

Treating this wood decaying fungus in Virginia required certain licensing and certification. At ABC Pest Management, we are your best pick for a local industry expert for a professional inspection and fungus treatment.

Does Your Home Need A Fungus Treatment?

Do you think your home might need a fungus treatment? Fungi can grow easily in a relative humidity exceeding 55 percent, and we know how humid it can get in our local area of Hampton Roads, especially during certain times of the year.

A professional fungus treatment by ABC Pest Management will last a long time if the treatment is not washed off. The solution is harmless to humans but the fungus growing out of check that can cause wood rot and attract pests is dangerous to your home and its structural integrity.

You might not be familiar with treating for fungus, but we are! Fungus can grow at a relative humidity greater than 55 percent, and we all know it gets very humid here in Hampton Roads, Coastal Virginia. Fungus is a key problem in this area, and it is essential to prevent it in your home.

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Fungus on the wood building materials of your home allows for the perfect condition to attract termites and other pests. Therefore, a home fungus treatment is a great preventative strategy to help deter termites.

At ABC Pest Management Priority, we suggest every home be inspected to determine if there is any fungus growing breathing in fungus can be extremely bad for humans and our pets. Call us at (757) 422-0409 to schedule an appointment for a free home inspection, and we will assess the situation, and let you know if there is any fungi that needs treatment.