As spring comes more into focus and we open our doors and windows to let the fresh air and sunshine into our homes, we are likely to experience some nuisance insects. Within the industry we call them occasional invaders, simply because they are not a year round problem.

Insects like clover mites and spider mites are extremely tiny and can be carried on the breeze as they begin to emerge from their over wintering habitats. You will likely find them on the sunny side of your home and more times than not you will find them in sinks or tubs as they seek out water sources. Neither of these insects do damage to anything other than the plant leaves they feed on, however, clover mites can leave a red streak if squished on a wall.

Slugs are another issue we deal with during the spring or summer months. Slugs will feed on sprouting plant leaves and are typically present in damp shady areas. To minimize slug activity, rake up dead and decaying leaves from gardens. This will eliminate slug eggs to minimize slug populations.

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