Ant Exterminator in Hampton Roads, VA

When it comes to an ant infestation, we know that most homeowners do not have the knowledge, skills, or tools to efficiently get rid of the ants. So, for your convenience, we offer free home pest and moisture inspections. During this inspection, a common pest we see is ants.

When you contact us for help with an ant problem, we will make an appointment with you to come out and investigate the situation. With this complimentary service, you get the insight and advice of a professional pest control expert.

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Why Am I Seeing So Many Ants?

Ants inside the home are a common problem that can occur year-round. If you see ants in your home when you do not usually see them, it could mean that they recently arrived. It could also mean that they have been there for some time but were out of view.

Regardless, if they are there, something is attracting them and making them want to stay. What is attracting them and why do they want to stay? Due to their large colonies, community, and habits, ants must constantly forage for food.

The problem is that once they find a good food source, they will stay, and commonly, the good food source is in our homes! Most homeowners and professionals agree that ants can be quite persistent, and since there are many different types of ants, an extermination strategy that works for one type of ant will not work for all.

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It is important to have a professional pest control company like ABC Pest Management on your team to help correctly identify the invading ant species, so that the proper treatment plan can be designed to get rid of the infestation the right way.

Although, the best way to control ants is to keep them out of your home in the first place. Keeping them out of your home successfully is part of an effective and fully integrated pest management program. Identifying the invading ant species is key. Following up with routine preventative actions like removing food particles, repairing any water leaks, and lowering the overall moisture levels is all part of an integrated pest control plan to take care of ants and any other pests.

Ants Can Be A Sign Of Bigger Problems

Ants are small, but their presence can indicate bigger pest problems. The presence of ants can attract other bugs and pests that want to eat them! Do not let this pest food chain get out of hand in your home.

The needs of an ant are basic, but they do not mind residing with us humans to enjoy a complimentary selection of food, water, and shelter. There are plenty of ants outdoors, and that is where we want them to stay.

Ants can be a sign of a moisture problem. If there is a water leak, the surrounding area will be damp, and that is the perfect situation for ants to thrive. There are many different kinds of ants, and there are many different attractants in our homes that could cause ants to want to take residence.

Need help getting rid ants? Call today at (757) 422-0409 to schedule your free home pest inspection, and we can look at the ant situation, in addition to taking a more thorough look at your home to identify any related, or other, areas of concern. At ABC Pest Management, we are your best pick in Hampton Roads, Virginia to get rid of your ant problem.

Do-It-Yourself Methods Do Not Work On Ants!

Many homeowners diligently squash each ant they see, and this is not difficult to do and can even grant a euphoric sense of achievement. Regardless, even continual squashing day and night is not going to get rid of the ants. To fully exterminate ants, you must eliminate the entire colony. Baiting the ants with a pesticide attractant allows them to take the bait back to the nest and spread it within the rest of colony.

For example, when it comes to carpenter ants, there is usually more than one nest location. In this situation, it can be quite difficult to find and distribute bait in a way that will get back to all the satellite nest locations. Therefore. most ant infestations are best handled by seeking the advice of a professional ant extermination company like ABC Pest Management.

At ABC Pest Management, we offer complimentary pest and moisture inspections to take care of ants and any other pests. Give us a call at (757) 422-0409 to schedule an appointment!

What’s The Difference Between A Flying Ant & A Termite?

Most people cannot tell the difference between a flying ant and a termite. They are both small insects and do look similar from a distance but there are some very distinct differences that can help tell them apart.

Although some members of almost all ant species can develop wings, ant wings are quite different from the wings of a termite. Termites have two sets of wings, equal in size, and they shed those wings soon after they emerge from their nest, or swarm. In the Spring, when it is rainy and warm, you may see winged termites swarming.

When comparing wings, ants also have two sets of wings, yet one set of wings is larger than the other. Depending on the type of ant, you may see winged ants swarming during different times of the year.

Another way to tell the difference between ants and termites is to examine their body shape and their antennae. Winged termites have straight antennae and a straight waist. In comparison, flying ants have skinny waists and bent antennae.

If you need help identifying a pest, or if you are having trouble with ants, termites, or any other type of pest, contact ABC Pest Management to schedule a complimentary inspection. We offer pest control services, termite treatment services and pest maintenance plans to keep your family and home free of these annoying pests. Give us a call today at (757) 422-0409!