Cockroach Exterminator in Hampton Roads, VA

Looking for a professional cockroach exterminator? Do not wait another day to contact ABC Pest Management of Hampton Roads, Virginia, about your roach problem. Store bought “solutions” to roach control do not work and can make your problem worse – wasting your money and your time. That includes foggers – they show the surviving roaches better places to hide.

When you enlist our help, we will examine your home with care and employ methods that meet or exceed industry standards and the most up to date research. If you do not have a current roach problem, we will work out a preventative treatment plan with you to minimize your risk of ever getting them.

Are you unsure whether the one or two cockroaches you have seen indicate a bigger problem? It is unfortunately very likely that they do. One way to tell is if you have seen a roach or two during the daytime. Roaches hate bright light, so if you catch them in it, it means that they are probably amid a territorial war and are looking for a place to start a new colony apart from the one they were just outed from.

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Help – Roaches Are Infesting My Home!

Are roaches infesting your home? Although it may not grant you any comfort, be assured that you are not alone! Surprisingly, there are more than 4,000 species of cockroaches. From these numerous species, only less than one percent are known to be any trouble to humans. Regardless, no one wants these uninvited guests in their home or workplace. A few of the species that do seem to be a nuisance to homeowners are, typically, the German cockroach, the American cockroach, and the brown-banded cockroach.

German Cockroaches
An infestation of German cockroaches can be quite challenging to exterminate as they are breed extremely fast. Successful removal of German cockroaches typically entails a persistent and specifically focused professional pest control strategy to wipe out the entire colony and prevent a re-infestation.

In residential homes, German cockroaches prefer to reside and forage in kitchens and bathrooms and tend to be found close to a source of food and water. Most over-the-counter products and do-it-yourself roach killers may get rid of some of these roaches, but these lesser methods are typically ineffective over the long run.

At ABC Pest Management, we are skilled and trained on how to get rid of German roaches the right way, and how to help you best prepare your home and pest strategy to deter them from wanting to move back in. Because of the difficulty to thoroughly address an infestation of German cockroaches, we suggest you leave this effort to our team of professionally trained pest control technicians.

American Cockroaches
American cockroaches prefer dark, warm, and moist areas like basements, crawl spaces and sewers. Due to the tendency for moist conditions and higher humidity in our local Hampton Roads area, we suggest having your crawl space routinely inspected. Keeping an eye on the status of your crawlspace and taking preventative measures to deter cockroaches and any other pests that arrive is a great strategy to keep them from being able to take residence.

The bottom line is that high levels of moisture in, around, or under your home can attract cockroaches, termites, ants, rats, mice, other rodents, other insects, and other types of pests. We also know that keeping cockroaches out of your home is better for your overall comfort and health. Therefore, to stop American cockroaches from wanting to infest your home, it is important to minimize moisture in your crawl space areas.

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At ABC Pest Management, our complimentary pest inspections are designed to help identify any pests or related issues that need to be addressed. Our goal is to help offer your services and solutions to help keep your home pest-free. Since pests can be attracted by moisture, during our inspection, we will investigate and identify any issues of excessive moisture in your crawlspace. We also offer moisture control solutions, including professionally installed vapor barriers and quality dehumidifier systems.

Our complimentary pest inspection includes the areas inside and outside your home, including the crawlspace. If there is a certain area of your home that you feel may have a problem, be sure to let us know, so that we can take a deeper look at the specific problem you are experiencing. What are you waiting for? Give us a call today at (757) 422-0409 to schedule an appointment.

Exterminating Cockroaches

As many homeowners have found out the hard way, do-it-yourself cockroach extermination is usually not successful, and is a waste of time. Even if you see some relief, unless you take firm action to find and destroy the entire colony, they usually come back. In summary, most over-the-counter cockroach treatments might put a dent in the population, but they are not potent enough to achieve a long-term solution.

Another reason do-it-yourself cockroach removal does not work is that the proper treatment and strategy is not used. In actuality, the best strategy for exterminating cockroaches depends on the type of cockroach, the level of infestation and any, and all, other factors that may be contributing to the situation. Therefore, we suggest it best to consult a professional roach exterminator like the skilled pest control technicians at ABC Pest Management. We know all about the different types of cockroaches and we are experts at how to get rid of them.

If there are cockroaches in your home, there is a reason that they are there. If roaches can find a sufficient supply of food and water, they will stay and will be incredibly happy living and thriving in your home rent-free. To successfully get rid of roaches is two-fold. The trick is to not only remove the pests but to also take preventative steps to deter them from coming back. Unfortunately, this is not always as easy as it sounds without help from a pest control professional.

Cockroaches Are Extremely Resilient
The big problem with exterminating cockroaches is that they are extremely resilient. For example, female roaches can reproduce without males! This means they can birth offspring when no males are present. On average, a German cockroach can give birth to an average of 30 to 40 eggs at a time. Imagine that amount of new unwanted residents multiplying rapidly behind the walls of your kitchen or bathrooms!

Cockroaches will eat just about anything, including, wood, soap, glue, and leather. Adding to that, cockroaches are cold-blooded, they can survive on little amounts of food. This means that a cockroach can survive for weeks on just one miniscule meal. So, it is not just our food crumbs they seek. Due to their resilience and ability to multiply their numbers so quickly, once they take residence and get comfortable, they can be extremely difficult to remove.

How To Get Rid Of Cockroaches? Contact ABC Pest Management!

When dealing with a cockroach infestation, we know that every homeowner wants to get rid of them yesterday. Professional grade roach baits work only if used properly. The best strategy to get rid of cockroaches is a combination of treatments, depending on the situation, and routine follow-up treatments and inspections to deter and avoid re-infestation. Again, we highly suggest that your best action is to involve a professional pest exterminator.

To deter cockroaches from returning after extermination, we highly suggest a regular pest control plan that will help to maintain a consistent barrier to protect your home or business. Things like inspecting for, identifying, and sealing up any gaps or cracks in a big factor in deterring future entry. For a complimentary home pest inspection by a trained pest control professional, and options for solutions to address any issues you may have, give ABC Pest Management a call at (757) 422-0409.

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When our pest control experts visit your home for your free pest inspection, we will inform you of any areas that show evidence of any current or past pest infestations. Depending on our findings, we will make suggestions to you about how to address any current pest or moisture issues, and how to protect your home from roaches and other pests in the future.

When it comes to cockroaches, it is not worth wasting your time with do-it-yourself pest control solutions or home remedies. Instead, contact the pest control professionals at ABC Pest Management. We are experts at exterminating roaches. Contact us at (757) 422-0409 to schedule an appointment for your free pest inspection and let us get rid of those roaches!