Hopefully within the next few weeks we will be seeing warmer temperatures around the Hampton Roads area. As the weather warms, termite swarmers will begin to emerge. They are typically found in door jambs, baseboard areas and window sills. If you notice swarmers, it is important to do/know a couple things to ensure an accurate assessment of the situation.

1) Swarmers are the reproducers of the termite colonies, they do not do physical damage.
2) Swarmers will shed their wings shortly after emerging.
3) Swarmers will fly to light so it is common to find them on the sunny side of the house in a window. This is NOT necessarily where they originated.
4) Swarmers can be “knocked down” using any household insecticide such as RAID, Black Flag, anything of the nature.
5) Leave the swarmers where they are, do not vacuum or sweep them up. This will allow a qualified Pest Management Professional to pinpoint the point of origin.
If you haven’t had your property inspected by a qualified Pest Management Professional within the last 1-2 years, call for an appointment and free evaluation of your property.

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