Reviews of ABC Pest Management of Hampton Roads

“We have been very pleased with your service (especially for ants and spiders). Your customer service has always been exceptional. Please let us know how we leave your information for the new owners, and recommend your company to continue with the house.”
Amy, Virginia Beach, VA

“I wanted to take the time to drop you a note about the service I received this morning at my house. The technician Dennis, was prompt, courteous, clean, and knowledgeable. He took the time to understand what my exact situation was, explain to me the treatment plan, what he was going to do, and things i could do to prevent any further issues. Service is something that some people take for granted these days, and the way he came in, treated my house like it was his, was something you don’t see everyday. He made sure to inspect EVERYTHING, and was very thorough about how he approached treatment. I’d wholeheartedly recommend ABC to friends, family, and coworkers for any issues they have with pests.
Thanks Again!”

Wray, Hampton, VA

“I have been a customer since 2001, I recently had a problem with some ants , but after a call to your service department, Laraine quickly set up a appointment, sent your technician, Chuck who quickly assessed my problem and treated for it. I’m happy to say that my ant problem has been solved. In today’s day it’s a pleasure to deal with a company and employees, as professional, experienced, and courteous as yours, Thank you,”
John, Virginia Beach

“Thank you! They have been great!! I really hope that this solves the problem….the mold on my furniture was almost too much for me!! I hope you’re having a great vacation and I will look forward to happy results!! 🙂 Thanks again for the fast attention to this issue….it means a great deal to us! Regards.”
Beth, Virginia Beach

“Looks great! Thanks for sending this through – it definitely looks a lot better! Take care.” [Regarding after pictures sent to an out of town owner]
John, Virginia Beach

“I am more than satisfied with the approach ABC Exterminating took to solving this problem. They worked not only with management but also with the tenants to ensure that we got optimum results. Our tenants are ecstatic with the results and so am I. I cannot recommend this company strongly enough if you have an infestation. They are exemplary.”
Marilyn E. Armstrong, CPM, Virginia Beach, Va

“Hey Don, thank you again for time and honesty regarding the Larchmont house, what a night mare! It is amazing that after all of the inspections the sellers still think it is a great house without the problems it has, wake up people! As always, I can count on your professionalism as well as friendship and I can’t tell you enough just how much I appreciate it over the years! Take care & Happy New Year!”
Barbara Watz Sawyer, Rose & Womble Realty

“We can’t thank you enough for your professionalism along with your employees. I look forward to finishing the flowerbed recommendations you made and any other suggestions you might have. We have been telling all the neighbors, hopefully you’ll get some more business. We plan to ask you to come out to inspect for termites and other issues on a regular basis as recommended by you. Thanks.”
Bruce, Virginia Beach